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Community College of Rhode Island — Biotechnology

What is further study in biotechnology?

Obtaining a certificate is a great start to a career in biotechnology or a good way to further your current career, but your education doesnít have to end here. Further studies in biotechnology are designed to move you from a certificate to an associate degree to a bachelorís degree in biotechnology (or a masterís or even a doctoral degree). While you may work in entry-level positions with a certificate in biotechnology, some professional options may be closed to you until you get a degree. Advancement to management or movement into certain specialized fields will certainly require further formal education.

In Rhode Island, this progression from certificate to associate degree to bachelorís degree is fully supported by the stateís university system. You may use the academic credits earned in your biotechnology certificate toward the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree at CCRI. Then if you wish to complete a bachelorís degree in biotechnology, you may transfer your credits from the associate degree at CCRI to the URI bachelorís degree in biotechnology [link to] program. Review the specifics of this program at the Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education transfer guide and talk to your advisor at CCRI to make sure you are completing this process correctly.

Further academic studies may be supported by your employer, federal grants, or even by the military (they will pay you to go to school if you return the favor by working for them!). Check out our Money Matters" tab for some funding sources.