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Community College of Rhode Island — Biotechnology

Honors Program

The Honors Program allows students to enhance their educational experience at CCRI by studying topics of their own choice in more depth. The Honors Program reflects the College's commitment to academic excellence.

Students participate in the Honors Program by completing Honors Projects within courses they are currently taking, that relate to the curricula of those courses. The title of the course on the students’ transcripts changes to “Honors in Course Title” and a second 0.5 credit course is added to the students' schedule, reflecting the honors portion. Students that complete four Honors Projects at CCRI are designated Honors Program Graduates and receive special recognition.

As a rigorous and prestigious enterprise, the Honors Program contributes to the quality of academic life at the Community College of Rhode Island.

To learn more about participating in the Honors Program, please read the Introduction page.

If you have any questions, please contact the Honors Program Coordinators.