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Community College of Rhode Island — Biotechnology

Knowledge and Skills
How will the program prepare me for a job in biotechnology?

By the time you graduate, you will have the foundation knowledge and technical skills to work as an entry-level biotechnologist. Students receive a broad background in the sciences required of biotechnology. Courses and labs in chemistry will introduce you to chemical reactions and their applicability to manipulating biological processes. In the cellular biology courses, you will learn about how human cells work to produce energy and proteins, and how these affect our body chemistry. A microbiology course will introduce you to viruses and bacteria, epidemiology, vectors, transmission and treatment of infectious diseases.

The courses in CCRI’s Biotechnology Certificate Program are designed to provide you with the procedural knowledge and technical skills necessary to work in a manufacturing environment or research setting. The instruction includes important laboratory techniques such as preparing solutions and biological media, performing serial dilutions, practicing aseptic technique and improving accuracy with micropipettes. You will also gain experience working with mammalian cells and tissue culture and learn the proper gowning procedures used when working in a clean room environment.

The certificate program emphasizes hands-on instruction with the types of equipment and instrumentation that are actually used in industry and research settings. You are expected to assume the role of a worker in the biotech industry and must adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs), proper documentation requirements, good manufacturing practices (GMPs), and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.

Upon completion of CCRI’s Biotechnology Certificate Program, you will possess the skills and training that are most in demand in the biotech industry, and can be confident in your knowledge and understanding of the regulations governing biotechnology today.

For more detailed information about the courses available in this field, go to the Curriculum Tab.