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Community College of Rhode Island — Biotechnology

Money Matters
Will I be able to afford further study in biotechnology?

The cost of your continued education in biotechnology will depend on your residency status, whether you attend a private or public school, choose to live on or off campus, and whether you attend full or part time.

We have all heard stories of college price tags at tens of thousands of dollars annually, but completing a bachelorís degree at one of Rhode Islandís public institutions of higher learning is much less expensive. The cost of a year of full-time study at Rhode Island College is about $7000 and a year at the University of Rhode Island is about approximately $11,000. If these figures sound too expensive, keep in mind that grants and scholarships may be available that will reduce tuition costs, so further study may be within your budget.

There are few students who attend school without the help of some form of financial aid such as, grants, loans, federal aid, scholarships, and/or tuition reimbursement from an employer. Visit the links listed below for further information on funding resources: