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Community College of Rhode Island — Biotechnology

Reasons to Go
Should I participate in further study?

There are a many reasons to further your education, such as:

  • Career Advancement: more positions in the biotechnology field will be open to students with degrees, so completing a program of further study will widen your career horizons.
  • Personal Growth: do you want to be the leader of a technology group? Do you have your own ideas to research? Personal growth opportunities like these are possible with an advanced degree in biotechnology.
  • Specialization in a Certain Field: if you want to specialize in one particular field of biotechnology, one that really engages your interests, you will need a degree with studies focused on your chosen area of specialization.
  • Increased Income: your earning potential increases with each degree attained: when you have more knowledge to contribute you will be rewarded with more benefits. According to the Rhode Island Bioscience Industry Skills Gap Task Force publication, your earnings will increase predictably with each new degree. For example:
    • Certificate - $18,000 - $40,000 per year
    • Associate Degree - $21,000 - $64,000 per year
    • Bachelorís Degree - $25,000 Ė $150,000 per year
    • Advanced Degree (Masterís or PhD) - $35,000 - $240,000 per year

Further studies in biotechnology are a good choice for all of the above reasons.