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University of Rhode Island — Animal & Veterinary Science
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AVS 110 - Freshman Seminar in Animal and Veterinary Science
Course Information

Professor: Dr. Tony Mallilo
Semester: Fall
Credits: 1
Prerequisites: AVS 101. Open only to freshmen.

Catalog Description: Overview of the animal and veterinary sciences and the fields they encompass. Student projects, presentations, and field trips.

Course Goals & Outcomes

The course will help you achieve the following goals:

  1. To enhance your knowledge of the role of the animal scientist and veterinarian in every day life
  2. To develop the ability to locate and interpret information in the field of animal science
  3. To further your communication skills
  4. To become familiar with your colleagues in the class and department
Course Syllabus

Class topics:

  • Orientation
  • Freshman pitfalls
  • One semester down
  • URI Career Services
  • Animal science issues and ethics
  • Registration advising
  • Seniors/Grad School/Vet School
  • Internships
  • Field Trip

Grades will be based on the following criteria:

  • Written reports
  • Class attendance and participation
About The Professor

Anthony Mallilo, Ph.D.
Professor, Animal Science
University of Rhode Island
Department of Fisheries, Animal and Veterinary Science
16 Woodward Hall
Kingston, RI 02881
Office: (401)874-4658
Fax: (401)874-7575

Dr. Mallilo is an invaluable member of the Animal Science department. Aside from teaching his many classes during the regular and summer academic sessions, Dr. Mallilo advises all Animal Science majors. Beginning freshman year, students within the major make numerous advising appointments with Dr. Mallilo and he is able to help them map their progression through the department and the university. Dr. Mallilo also organizes Experiential Learning Laboratories (ELL) at the university's Peckham Farm to help non-majors get a taste of what it means to be an animal scientist.


  • B.S., West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
  • M.S., West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
  • Ph.D., Penn State University, University Park, PA
Reasons To Take This Course

"AVS 110 was a great class to take during the second semester of my freshmen year. I found it to be a continuation of URI 101. A stronger focus was directed at the specific details of being an animal science major and pursuing a career in the field. The seminar setting created a comfortable atmosphere with peers and our advisor. Casual group conversation about the positive and negative aspects of our college experience allowed us to relate with one another while obtaining advice from our professor. This stress free class was a great addition to the second semester of my college education as I dove into concentration classes for the first time." - Rachael

"The University of Rhode Island's Animal and Veterinary Science department has many amazing opportunities all showcased in one class, AVS 110: Freshman Seminar. As a freshman student I was unsure if the pre-vet option of the AVS program was right for me, but when I got to learn about each of the different options and aspects of the AVS major, I knew pre-vet was for me. I had the rare opportunity to see presentations from the Ocean State Veterinary Specialists, Roger Williams Park Zoo, watch a video about helping a cow give birth, and even get advice from URI's Career Center. The optional field trip was also a great way to spend a day off campus with others in my major. Through the 1 credit freshman seminar I was able to experience everything the AVS major had to offer and decide the right option for me at an early stage in my college career; which was a great advantage in making sure I got the most out of my college experience." - Kara

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