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Academic strengths
A student pursuing a career as an Animal Scientist must have an aptitude for science as basic science courses such as biology, chemistry, physics, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology are important components of their core curriculum. These courses provide the foundation necessary in order for students to fully master the key concepts in animal science in areas such as animal health, reproduction, nutrition and management.

Personal Qualities
Although a love for animals is essential for an animal scientist, it alone is not a guarantee of future career success. Some of the personal qualities that you will find in many Animal Scientists is a love of the outdoors, a strong work ethic, a thirst for learning, the ability to troubleshoot, compassion and a strong belief in the humane treatment of all animals.

Job Market
The job market is consistently strong for animal science students as there is a broad range of careers to which they can apply their knowledge of animal science. If a student is interested in obtaining a graduate degree or becoming a veterinarian further studies are necessary but demand is generally strong for students with advanced degrees in the animal sciences.

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