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What is an Educator?

Animal science education occurs at many high schools and universities around the country. High School animal science education programs are found at those schools that offer an Agricultural Education option for their students. At the university level animal science educators typically teach undergraduate and graduate students and can also provide outreach education to the general public. As an educator in animal science, you will take what you learned from your education and practical experiences and help the next generation of students discover, explore, and appreciate the world of animals.

An educator transfers knowledge to students in an effective manner using a variety of different teaching techniques. The level at which you are teaching high school or university will dictate the type of learning and teaching you will use to introduce students to the scientific and practical aspects of animal science. As an educator you will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the role of animals in the particular area of expertise that you are teaching.

In the animal science field, educators find themselves both in classrooms and in the field, so teaching requires both textbook study and hands-on experience with live animals. As an educator, it is important that you remain knowledgeable about current topics in animal science since advances in technology are being introduced into the field constantly.

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