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Reproductive Technician
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What is a Reproductive Technician?

A reproductive technicians is responsible for providing reproductive services to animal producers and breeders. Many animal industries rely on current reproductive technologies and services to manage and improve their herds. Artificial insemination has become a useful reproductive tool that is used by many:

  • livestock producers
  • breeders
  • exotic animal handlers

As a reproductive technician you will provide insemination service to your clients; you will handle frozen semen for insemination into target females whether they are cows on a dairy farm, dogs at a breeding facility, or a beluga whale at an aquarium.

Often reproductive technicians are hired because the breeders would like to increase the gene pool by introducing new genetics. Technicians provide producers with information regarding the genetic status of their animals through services such as young sire sampling and expected progeny difference information. Reproductive technicians may be asked for advice on herd improvement and will provide clients with their select mating services. Technicians may also be asked questions about marketing efforts and overall recommendations for management.

Embryo transfer is another reproductive technology used by many producers. Companies providing reproductive services often have embryo transfer specialists that can help producers develop programs of reproductive management. As a reproductive technician, you will come in contact with many different animal species:

  • beef cattle
  • dairy cattle
  • sheep & goats
  • pigs
  • poultry
  • dogs
  • exotics

Due to the different reproductive cycles of the various species, this job can be more demanding at certain times of the year. Other services could include progeny testing, heat synchronization, and consulting.

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