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Sales Representative
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What is a Sales Representative?

There are many businesses within the animal science industry that make, market and sell products used by farmers, veterinarians and other professionals in the field. As a sales representative, you will work with other animal scientists to produce and sell products that will improve the maintenance, production and health of animals. Sales reps are hired by pharmaceutical, feed and equipment companies.

As a representative, it is your responsibility to work with farmers, animal producers and veterinarians to assess their needs and production goals. Through consultations, you will be able to make recommendations regarding management techniques, feeding practices, machinery or whatever aspect of the operation that you are representing.

Sales representatives could also be responsible for developing marketing and sales strategies to promote the products of the company. Employees will create relationships with:

  • veterinary clinics
  • farms
  • animal care facilities

Sales representatives do not only sell their company's products, but they also spend time educating and training their clients in their area of expertise. Being a sales rep is a multi-faceted job that includes knowledge of and familiarity with the industry and current issues in addition to the ability to work with a diverse group of people to provide excellent service and products to clients.

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