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Veterinary Technician
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What is a Veterinary Technician?

A veterinary technician is a trained professional who assists veterinarians with medical tasks. In a veterinary office, there are often vet techs and veterinary assistants. In most states, the difference between the two is licensure and certification - a vet tech is licensed to perform certain medical tasks and therefore has a higher level of expertise.

Not all states require vet techs to be licensed, but more and more states are beginning to require licensing for vet techs. Although many vet techs are licensed and certified, this certification does not permit them to stand in for a veterinarian.

Veterinary technicians can help with a multitude of medical including:

  • using the X-ray machine
  • preparing and assisting with surgeries
  • providing care to animals
  • collecting specimens for lab testing
  • obtaining medical histories of patients
  • educating pet owners
  • training other staff members

In a research facility, vet techs would also assist in the implementation of the research projects.

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