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University of Rhode Island — Animal & Veterinary Science

Description of the Major

Majoring in animal and veterinary science provides students with a strong background in specific areas of animal management, biology, and health as well as a broad knowledge base of general sciences.

Three degree options are available in animal and veterinary science:

  • Pre-Veterinary - Students completing this option will have taken all courses necessary to fulfill course requirements for schools of veterinary medicine. This is the best option for students interested in continuing onto graduate school and includes the most rigorous science course requirements.
  • Animal Science Graduates of this option typically find employment in zoos; aquariums; pharmaceutical companies; pet food companies; federal, state, or local opportunities dealing with disease control and public health; as a veterinary technician; or in teaching and research.
  • Animal Management - This option prepares students for employment with the skills necessary to manage the daily operations of an animal facility. This option requires fewer credits in the basic sciences than the other options but requires more credits in supporting electives.