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University of Rhode Island — Animal & Veterinary Science

What are my career options in this field?

The list of opportunities for an animal science student is endless and is limited only by your imagination.

The field of animal science is so broad that there is no "typical" animal scientist. Animals play a significant role in our everyday lives and there are numerous ways in which students can work with them that will not only benefit the individual animal but can ultimately benefit society as a whole. Students of animal science find a wide range of career choices available to them in animal management, food production, animal health, disease control, education, and research.

If you are interested in working directly with animals you could find yourself on a hobby farm with a modest number of animals or on a farm with thousands of animals. You will also find animal scientists at zoos and aquariums working as zookeepers, curators, educators, researchers, veterinarians, or animal enrichment coordinators.

Veterinarians can set up shop in local communities, can teach, conduct research at veterinary colleges, or work for governments around the world monitoring and studying disease outbreaks. If you are not interested in becoming a veterinarian but love the science of animals you might be destined for a career in the research laboratory studying mechanisms of disease transmission, improving reproductive performance, or producing a better consumer product through advances in animal nutrition.

Students interested in becoming educators in the animal science field might find themselves in high schools or colleges teaching the latest developments to the next generation of animal scientists.

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