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Lisa Connor
URI Student Profile

"I have aspired to pursue veterinary animal science since childhood. I thoroughly enjoy animals of all species and desire to enhance their lives by achieving my undergraduate degree and subsequent D.V.M.," says Lisa Connor when asked why she chose to study animal and veterinary science.

In addition to taking animal science courses, Lisa has a long history of work and research experience from her time at URI. Lisa has worked for over eight months at the Central Lab Animal Facility (CLAF) at URI doing husbandry and assisting with lab protocols (i.e., bleeding rabbits, giving injections, etc.). In addition to her time at CLAF, Lisa spent one summer riding with a mobile equine veterinary practice as part of the requirements for a summer directed study. When asked about her experience with the equine vet, Lisa comments: "I am able to observe all aspects of an equine veterinary practice (screening calls/scheduling, restocking mobile medical supplies, autoclaving surgical equipment, processing x-rays and related diagnoses, services performed at each farm call, emergency requests, and so on). This has been enlightening and exhilarating."

Lisa has also taken advantage of the opportunity to participate in the Coastal Fellowship Program. She has been working with Professor Fred Launer in a study that involves education, outreach, and risk assessment pertaining to Avian influenza in Rhode Island backyard flocks. During the spring semester, Lisa teamed up with other undergraduate students to assist Dr. Katherine Petersson and her graduate student, Maureen Brindley, in a research study that looked at the immune effects of vitamin E supplementation in sheep.

Lisa has recognized the importance of getting hands-on practical experience. "I hope to participate in future research at URI, if an opportunity presents itself. I do enjoy working with animals and would seize any chance to work on research focused on improving animal health and well-being.

Lisa plans to attend veterinary medical school after she graduates from URI. Her advice for prospective animal science students: "I would encourage students to participate in as many projects and initiatives as their schedule allows. The exposure is invaluable and may very well shape a new path once their undergraduate degree is achieved."