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University of Rhode Island — Animal & Veterinary Science

Available Programs
What is available at URI?

In the College of the Environment and Life Science (CELS) at URI students can obtain a MS or PhD in animal science through Environmental Science graduate program. Our faculty specializes in the areas of animal reproduction, nutrition and health. In addition, there is a new non-thesis masterís option in the Environmental Science and Management program. General information about graduate programs at URI can be found on the URI Graduate School website.

Other discipline specific listings:

The vast majority of land-grant colleges and universities in the US offer graduate programs in Animal Science or a related field. The Journal of Animal Science and the Journal of Dairy Science are two of the top publishers of research conducted in the area of animal science. Perusing these journals, as well as many others, can provide prospective graduate students with the opportunity to establish the identity and location of individuals conducting research in their area of interest.