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University of Rhode Island — Nursing

NUR 343 - Nursing in Childbearing and Reproductive Health
Course Information

Professor: Department
Semester: Fall, Spring
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: BPS 333 and credit or concurrent enrollment in NUR 334.

Catalog Description: Emphasis on the nursing management of childbearing families and reproductive health issues across the life span.

Course Goals & Outcomes

This course is designed to teach students how to take care of women and families experiencing pregnancy, childbirth, and new parenting, as well as women with reproductive system problems. Students learn about both healthy and sick women and newborns.

By the end of this course you will:

  1. Discuss the importance of excellent care for mothers and newborns.
  2. Complete a thorough physical and social assessment of childbearing clients and newborns, and develop a list of risk factors, and a plan for caring for the families.
  3. Teach clients about self care and newborn care during the development of the new family.
  4. Discuss the cultural and social effects on care of women and infants in the United States.
Course Syllabus

This course is primarily taught in a lecture format with a web based component for additional resources. Students are evaluated by on line quizzes and written exams.

  • Women's health care in the United States
  • Fetal development and assessment
  • Prenatal physiology and care, well and ill
  • Care during birth, normal and complicated
  • Postpartum care, normal and complicated
  • Newborn care, well and ill
  • Perinatal loss and family violence
  • Caring for women with reproductive system problems
About The Professor

This course is taught by multiple instructors, please refer to the URI Course Schedule.

Reasons To Take This Course

This is a required nursing course that prepares the student to care for women during pregnancy, birth, and throughout the lifespan, and for newborn infants, including both healthy and ill babies.

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