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University of Rhode Island — Nursing

Be Successful
Is this field for me?

Academic Strengths
Nursing is based on mastery of concepts in science and mathematics. Students must successfully complete courses in chemistry, human anatomy and physiology, microbiology, nutrition, and statistics. Upper division nursing courses build on this foundation with courses in pathophysiology, pharmacy, and diagnostics. All nursing courses apply scientific principles to caring for patients.

Personal Qualities
At the core of a successful and effective nurse is a person who loves working with people. Nurses must also have:

  • a strong sense of self-confidence
  • an excellent ability to advocate for others
  • both inductive and deductive reasoning skills to resolve problems
  • the ability to work as a cooperative member of a team

Job Market
At the present time, and into the foreseeable future, jobs in nursing are plentiful. Salaries have improved as the demand for nurses has increased. At the end of the day, a successful nurse has made a difference both in the lived experience of another person and in the meaningfulness of their own life. An undergraduate degree in nursing provides the basic theoretical knowledge and clinical experience for successful practice as an RN. The magic of nursing occurs when a student is able to blend this knowledge with passion for an area of practice. Undergraduate nursing education exposes you to a variety of practice opportunities so that you can find your best fit.