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University of Rhode Island — Nursing

What are my career options in this field?

Nurses find a wide range of career choices available to them after successful completion of the NCLEX licensing examination. Baccalaureate education prepares students to be general, entry-level nurses who give safe and effective care to a variety of clients in many clinical settings. Specialization is possible based on the nurse's choice of employment setting and clinical focus. For instance, a nurse interested in caring for older adults might choose to work in a geriatric day care setting, a rehabilitation unit of a hospital, or a wellness center for senior citizens. A nurse who wants to work with trauma patients might be choose to practice as a critical care nurse in an ICU, a psychiatric nurse in a counseling center, or a first responder in rescue operations.

Where can I work with a B.S. in Nursing?

BS prepared RNs practice in a variety of settings, including hospitals and health care facilities, airlines and cruise companies, the military, government agencies, schools and adult work sites. Some nurses are self-employed, entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses in care delivery and consulting services.

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