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University of Rhode Island — Nursing

Course Experiences
100-Level Course Experiences
  • NUR 103 - Professional Practice Health & Illness
    • Students first nursing course
    • Learn about a variety of issues which impact nursing practice
    • Assignments may include interviewing a relative or friend re: a health care experience, and/or interviewing a classmate re: a different culture's health beliefs

200-Level Course Experiences
  • NUR 203 - Comprehensive Health Assessment
    • Students in this course spend time in the lab learning:
      • how to take vital signs
      • how to perform a head-to-toe physical assessment for each body system
      • to practice these techniques on their lab partner
  • NUR 234 - Practicum in Foundations of Nursing with Older Adults
    • In this clinical practicum, students work with older adults in a variety of settings such as senior centers, assisted living facilities, and adult daycare
    • Take vital signs and physical assessments on their clients
    • Students do teaching projects to groups, and individual nursing care to inpatient clients

300-Level Course Experiences
  • NUR 324 - Medical-Surgical Nursing Practicum
    • Junior level medical-surgical nursing practicum
    • As students advance throughout the program, they have increasing responsibility for the care of patients
    • Students care for hospitalized patients with acute and chronic illnesses, including those who are having or have had surgery
    • Students also interact with patients' family members, and help teach patients and their families in preparation for their discharge from the hospital to home
  • NUR 334 - Practicum in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
    • In this clinical practicum, students may experience inpatient and/or outpatient interactions as the therapeutic agent with individuals and groups of clients experiencing psychiatric/mental health problems
    • Students also investigate outpatient resources available to these clients, such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and community mental health agencies
  • NUR 344 - Practicum in Childbearing & Reproductive Health Nursing
    • In this clinical practicum, students in this practicum care for families with pregnant moms, newborns, and during labor and delivery
    • Clinical experiences also include women experiencing GYN surgery or other gynecological problems

400-Level Course Experiences
  • NUR 434 - Practicum in Nursing of Children
    • In this clinical practicum, students care for ill infants, children and adolescents, incorporating family-centered conceptsm
  • NUR 444 - Practicum in Community Health Nursing
    • In this clinical practicum, students work with clients in their homes and in community settings, such as schools, homeless shelters, and group homes
    • Emphasis is on assessing the needs of a community, and on helping vulnerable and high risk populations
  • NUR 464 - Practicum in Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing
    • In this clinical practicum, students move back into the hospital to care for adults of all ages with acute and chronic complex illnesses, including consideration of the impact on their families
  • NUR 474 - Leadership in Contemporary Nursing Practice
    • In this capstone course, each student works with a nurse manager / nurse leader in a clinical setting of her/his choice
    • Examines theories, issues, and concepts related to contemporary nursing practice, with an emphasis on the application of principles of leadership and professionalism