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Jennifer Sixsmith
URI Student Profile

My name is Jennifer Sixsmith and I am a nursing student at URI. I was born and raised in Southern California and I have often been asked why I left the sunny beaches of California to go to school in the cold northeast. Well, for me the educational environment is more important than the climate. My family would often vacation in this area of the country to visit historical sites and visit family. I came to appreciate the area, the culture, the way of life and particularly the people. The pace of life is different and I found this most attractive. This sparked my desire to attend college on the east coast and gain a new perspective. I researched several universities and ultimately chose to attend URI because of their excellent nursing program. The URI nursing program offers extensive clinical practice, diverse facility settings, and one-on-one help from the many dedicated professors. This allows me to excel as a student and gain the required skills necessary to become a great nurse.

I have always wanted to pursue a nursing career and engage in a helpful way in the lives of others in their time of need. I see these same traits in the URI nursing faculty and fellow students. It is a camaraderie that is always present: nursing students share and help each other get through the tough times. Nursing at URI is a challenging but rewarding major that will prepare me for my future career. The nursing profession offers an abundance of opportunities and allows me to find a specialty that fits my personality. When I graduate I am interested in working as an emergency nurse because of the challenging environment and the opportunity to care for patients at critical times.