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Rene Cacchiotti
URI Student Profile

My name is Renee Cacchiotti and I am a senior in the College of Nursing and the President of the URI Student Nurses Assosiation(SNA). So far, my experiences in this college have been both challenging and rewarding. With the right study skills, involvement, and dedicaion, you will find yourself entering your senior year of college just as quickly as I have! Upon entering the College of Nursing, many opportunites for student involvement arise. Being involved outside of the classroom is very important for many different reasons. First of all, joining an out-of-classroom association and/or club enables the student to not only make more friends but also create study groups. The student is able to participate in volunteer activites and fundraisers and even take advantage of occasional opportunities to travel. The URI SNA leads and coordinates many out-of-classroom activities. Members have joined together to raise money and participate in specific activities to support a good cause such as the annual breast cancer walk at the Roger Williams Park and Zoo. We sell URI sweatshirts and tee-shirts in order to raise money and promote ourselves as student nurses. Being involved in the URI SNA also helps prepare us for future meaningful involvement in professional nursing associations upon graduation as a professional registered nurse.

In the spring of 2009, I had the opportunity to travel to Nashville, TN to represent both the College of Nursing and the URI SNA at the National Student Nurses Association's (NSNA) annual conference. URI's College of Nursing selects five students from the Sophomore-Senior level each year to attend (with most expenses paid). In order to be considered for selection, each nursing student must be an active member of the URI SNA. This experience resulted in new knowledge and experiences that I know will help me in the future. All-in-all I highly recommend that each student explore membership in the URI Student Nurses Association. I have found the experience to be especially rewarding and know that you will not be disappointed! Feel free to ask me any questions; I am more than willing to help you on your journey in the College of Nursing.