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Getting Started

Roosevelt Hall at the University of Rhode Island.

Finding Your Personality
Discovering your personalities and qualities will help you achieve greater success in the future. Review the following resources for more information.

Enhancing Academic Skills
Your academic skills consist of study habits, reading, writing, note-taking, and communication skills. Improving these skills will boost your performance in college and your remaining high school education. The following sources provide addition information.

Entrance Exams
Entrance exams are typically required in the admissions process. Check with each university you are interested in and be sure to take the correct exam. The following links provide additional information.

Getting Started
Preparing for a college education can be quite challenging. Be sure to read the following resources to facilitate the process.

Exploring Career and Major Options
When preparing for college, it is a good idea to research and observe different careers and majors available. Even if a student has already determined what their future might be, something else might become interesting!

Transition from High School to College
There is a large difference between a high school education and a college education. Knowing how to transition smoothly allows more concentration on the academics and a greater chance of succeeding.