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MAF 312 - The Politics of the Ocean
Course Information

Professor: Lawrence Juda
Semester: Fall
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: N/A

Catalog Description: Lecture

Course Goals & Outcomes

By the end of the semester students will be able to:

  • Understand specific laws and treaties of the United States and the United Nations
  • Understand the evolving system of ocean management at the national and international levels
Course Syllabus

Class topics:

  • Geography of the World's Oceans and Military Uses of the Sea
  • Living and Non-living Resources of the Oceans
  • Maritime Transportation: Shipping and Ports
  • Human Uses and Environmental Impacts
  • U.S. Ocean Policy Process
  • Coastal Zone Management Act
  • Fisheries Conservation and Management Act
  • Evolving Regime for Offshore Oil
  • International Ocean Law
  • International Fisheries Management
  • Growing International Concern with the Polar Regions
  • Climate Change
Reasons To Take This Course

The purpose of the course is to provide students with an introduction to and an overview of ocean uses, important management principles applied to ocean and coastal areas, relevant political interest and concerns, and the evolving system of ocean management at the national and international levels.

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