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University of Rhode Island — Marine Affairs
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Program Minor

Students majoring in departments other than marine affairs may undertake a minor offered by the Department of Marine Affairs in coastal and marine policy. Transfer credit may not be used toward the minor. The minor consists of 18 credits of work in the Department of Marine Affairs, with a minimum average of 2.0 earned in MAF courses, and has the following requirements:

Required Courses: (6 credits)

  • MAF 100 Human Use and Management of the Marine Environment
  • MAF 120 New England and the Sea

Selected Courses: Select four of the following courses (12 credits), of which at least two courses must be at the 400 level:

  • MAF 220 Introduction to Marine and Coastal Law
  • MAF 312 The Politics of the Ocean
  • MAF 320 Shipping and Ports
  • MAF 330 World Fishing
  • MAF 410 Senior Seminar in Marine Affairs
  • MAF 413 Peoples of the Sea
  • MAF 415 Marine Pollution Policy
  • MAF 434 Introduction to Environmental Law
  • MAF 461 Coastal Zone Management
  • MAF 465 GIS Applications in Coastal and Marine Management
  • MAF 471 Island Ecosystem Management
  • MAF 472 Marine Recreation and Tourism Management Seminar
  • MAF 475 Human Responses to Coastal Hazards and Disasters
  • MAF 484 Environmental Analysis and Policy in Coastal Management
  • MAF 499 Directed Study

Note: It is the student's responsibility to complete the required "Intent to Minor" form for the College in which he/she is majoring no later than the start of the final semester at URI. That form, available from the Department of Marine Affairs, must show that the above requirements for the minor have been satisfied.