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Money Matters
Will I be able to afford graduate school?

You can attend graduate school full- or part-time, so the cost may not be as high on an annual basis as for your bachelor's degree. If you are working, find out whether your employer will pay for you to take graduate-level classes. If you are a New England resident and you are attending a public institution outside of your home state, you may qualify for Regional Tuition. See the New England Board of Higher Education's "Tuition Break" website for more information.

Universities also offer a limited number of graduate teaching and research assistantships. Many highly qualified marine affairs graduate students receive a funding offer as part of their admissions packet. These positions pay a portion of your tuition and provide a stipend in exchange for working 10 to 20 hours per week during the academic year, assisting in teaching classes or on a research project. If your assistantship is 20 hours (full-time), then your tuition is completely waived. If your assistantship is 10 hours (part-time), then half of your tuition is waived. Requirements for receiving either full or half assistantships vary depending on the need in your department and at the University at the time of your application and enrollment.

Prospective students should also consult the Graduate School's Web page for potential grants. Loans and other financial aid are also available.

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