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Why should I consider graduate school?

Marine affairs master's students on graduation day.

Although job opportunities exist for those with a bachelor's degree, students who pursue a graduate degree will have the most potential for career advancement. Employees with a graduate degree typically advance faster and farther than employees who only have a bachelor's degree. Moreover, an advanced degree is required for anyone who wants to pursue a career teaching and/or doing research at a college or university.

In marine affairs, it is important to consider graduate school because a graduate degree will help you get a job in the field and advance in your career. The URI Marine Affairs Graduate Program is among the best in the country and is well known and recognized by those who work in the field. Many marine affairs-type jobs give preference to those with advanced degrees, and sometimes will only hire someone with an advanced degree. A master's or Ph.D. will be very beneficial if your goal is to work in the ocean and coastal policy field.

When pursuing a marine affairs master's degree, you will learn how many people in the coastal and ocean policy field have received their master's in marine affairs from URI. You read articles written by alumni, hear about them in the news, learn about their research, and encounter many alumni at networking events and while seeking jobs. A master's degree in marine affairs from URI will encourage you to develop and refine research skills, provide a wealth of information and guidance regarding various ocean and coastal management topics, and allow you to concentrate in an even more specialized field such as coastal hazards and climate change, fisheries, or ports and transportation. To learn about the graduate degrees available in marine affairs, see the Graduate Studies Overview page by clicking on the "Overview" link to the left.