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University of Rhode Island — Marine Affairs
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What kind of research opportunities are there?

M.A.F. students assist with boat survey research.

Discovery of knowledge is a primary goal of any university. Regardless of your field, you should seek opportunities to participate in an original research project while you are still an undergraduate student to gain important skills and learn more about the actual process of discovery. Marine affairs students who do well in their courses are encouraged to become involved in research during the academic year or during the summer with URI faculty or with researchers at nearby research laboratories (e.g., National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service, Environmental Protection Agency, or Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management). Research experiences provide unique skills and knowledge, and often lead directly to job offers after graduation as well as to acceptance and financial support for competitive graduate programs. To find a possible research opportunity, consult the following resources.

M.A.F. student interviews a fisherman.

Students in the marine affairs major may elect to do an independent research project or a senior thesis. Students may study a variety of topics such as:

  • coastal hazards,
  • coastal access,
  • water quality,
  • marine protected areas,
  • fisheries management, and
  • ports and shipping.