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University of Rhode Island — Psychology
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What are my career options in this field?

There are countless entry-level positions open to individuals with a bachelor's degree in psychology. Students who obtain a psychology degree are prepared for a wide variety of professional opportunities-and not just in psychology! Unsurprisingly, most of the positions pursued by psychology majors involve people. Since psychology is the study of human and organizational behavior, a bachelor's degree in psychology offers you opportunities to: develop a good understanding of people and their motivations, think critically and creatively, and communicate effectively. This kind of versatility is desirable in the many professional specializations that require interacting with people.

Where can I work with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology?

Specifically, a bachelor's degree in psychology qualifies a person to assist psychologists and other professionals in a variety of settings like community mental health centers, vocational rehabilitation offices, and correctional programs. Psychology majors may also work as administrative assistants for psychologists. They may find employment in other people-oriented areas like, marketing, personnel/human resources, business/management, probation and corrections, public relations, and health education. A psychology major's knowledge of human behavior offers notable potential for jobs related to program evaluation; working with older adults; aiding soldiers, veterans, and their families; homeland security; government service; workplace management; and many other multidisciplinary applications. Occasionally, those with a bachelor's degree use entry-level level positions to gain experience for another position or preparation more advanced degree.

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