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University of Rhode Island — Psychology
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Cultural Diversity

Psychologists are key players in a growing movement to promote honest communication about diversity. Race, class, religion, gender, and sexual orientation - these are not easy topics to grasp in their complexity, much less to discuss honestly with others. Psychology plays a central role in the study of multiculturalism and human diversity. Psychologists work with individuals to facilitate cross-cultural conversations, dialogues, and understandings. Psychologists consult with businesses and other organizations to improve the climate and institutional culture for diversity. Psychological research on individual and group differences (and similarities!) helps people realize the many complexities of why we do the things we do. Beyond this, psychologists also recognize that culture has a profound impact on mental health itself - on how mental illness is perceived and diagnosed, how services are organized and funded, and how patients express and cope with their symptoms. In their role as health care providers, psychologists strive to be sensitive to cultural nuances and exemplary in their dialogues by seeing every encounter with another person as a cultural one.