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Should I apply for an internship?

Undergraduate psychology majors may meet the experiential requirement by completing an internship. Many students choose to meet this requirement through Psy305 (Field Experience in Psychology), while others decide to participate in the ITR Internship Program (can be taken for up to 15 credits). Our goal is to allow students to acquire "real-world" experience in the field of psychology during their college years. Please refer to URI's internship program for further information.

What are the benefits of participating in an internship?
Through these experiences, students learn whether they actually enjoy working in their selected career path. Participation in these internships and experiential learning courses allows students to develop important contacts for future job searches. Students can also acquire impressive career credentials during their college years and earn effective letters of recommendation from internship supervisors in real-world settings.

What have students said about their internship placements?

"The responsibility I was given as an intern was comparable to any student working towards their master's degree. I worked directly with inmates in a prison setting as part of the course. I also visited and observed clients in a community treatment facility. I have developed incredible communication skills and professionalism and also gained cultural knowledge as well as better case management and computer skills. This was the best experience I have had thus far in college and I believe it was the greatest way to prepare me for my professional and personal life after college."

"My internship program gave me real experience in the field so I can now put something viable on my resume in the area."

"I am more interested than ever in the field of social work and I'm almost positive I want to work with adolescents."

"My internship has allowed me to narrow down which field I would like to pursue and the population I would like to work with."