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University of Rhode Island — Environmental & Natural Resource Economics
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EEC 628 – Advanced Microeconomic Theory I
Course Information

Professor: Dr. James Opaluch
Semester: Fall
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: EEC 528 or permission of instructor

Catalog Description: Neoclassical value and distribution theory. Theories of imperfect competition, general equilibrium theory, and dynamic analysis

Course Goals & Outcomes

This is an advanced graduate course highly specialized on several important topics in microeconomic theory. This course will provide you with the ability to enhance your economic knowledge and think critically about your research.

By the end of the semester students will be able to:

  • Analyze and apply the duality problem in the consumer theory
  • Understand welfare measures and why Hicksian may be better than Marshallian demand functions in providing a proper valuation method for environmental services/quality
  • Understand consumer optimization problems
  • Develop theoretical models that involve technological change
Course Syllabus

Class topics:

  • Producer theory
  • Consumer theory
  • Welfare analysis
  • Revealed preference theory
  • Aggregation
  • Principal-Agent theory
  • Technological change
  • Uncertainty and information
  • Discrete choice models
  • Distance functions
About The Professor

Dr. James J. Opaluch
Professor & Department Chair
Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
210 Kingston Coastal Institute
Office: 401.874.4590
Fax: 401.782.4766

Dr. Opaluch is a resource economist specializing in decision research and policy simulation. His current research interests include:

  • technological change in offshore oil industry and
  • ecosystem services restoration.
Cool Links
  • American Economic Association – “American Economic Journal: Microeconomics publishes papers focusing on microeconomic theory, industrial organization and the microeconomic aspects of international trade, political economy, and finance. The journal publishes theoretical work as well as both empirical and experimental work with a theoretical framework.”