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University of Rhode Island — Environmental & Natural Resource Economics
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What are my career options in this field?

This major prepares students for graduate school, or for professional careers working for government agencies, businesses, or environmental organizations. Public officials, nonprofit organizations, and private businesses need professionals to integrate the ecological and natural science with the economic science aspects of their organizations. Such professionals play an important role in coordinating interdisciplinary teams to address complex environmental problems ranging from oil spills to climate change to nutrient pollution and the Gulf of Mexico "dead zone".

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics graduates go on to become:

  • Environmentalists who discover where regulations and reforms are needed and who work to bring about change
  • Government regulators who evaluate environmental management options that protect the environment while promoting economic development
  • Business people who utilize natural resources sustainably and profitably, while complying with government regulations
  • Attorneys who examine the constitutionality of national regulations and the legality of individual company policies
  • Political advisor who help to design legislation that protects the environment while also contributing to the economic vitality of communities

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