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Money Matters
Will I be able to afford graduate school?

Just like undergraduate study, the cost of graduate school can be financed. In addition, opportunities are available for work-study, graduate assistantships, scholarships and fellowships from professional environmental organizations, subsidies from your workplace, and more. When exploring your options for graduate study, make sure you inquire about financial assistance.

Graduate assistantships, offered on a competitive basis, are a great financial opportunity. Not only will a teaching or research assistantship provide you with the financial means to support yourself through graduate school, it also presents you with a tremendous opportunity to enrich your professional experience and render you more marketable after you graduate. URI offers graduate assistantships; however, because they are provided primarily through grant-funded research projects and vary from year to year, there is no guarantee that every student admitted would be funded for their full degree program. Nonetheless, URI makes every effort to ensure each student is funded during the academic year as well as during the summer. In past years most of our students have been funded.

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