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Online Learning via Sakai
Faculty and Staff

About Sakai

Sakai is a open-sourced, Web-based Learning Management System that can be used anytime, anywhere. It has built-in tools such as course material publishing, syllabus, discussion board, chat, quiz, and gradebook that facilitate teaching and learning in a more dynamic fashion.

Faculty - To load the eCampus roster to your Sakai course sites, you need to create NEW Sakai course sites every semester.

Students - Sakai is used at URI for both face-to-face classes and 100% asynchronous online classes. If you are taking a face-to-face course, you will be informed in class if your instructor uses Sakai as a supplementary teaching tool. If you are taking a completely online course, refer to the information below.  If your instructor uses Sakai as a teaching tool, and publishes the Sakai course contents to the students, you will see a tab with the course title after you login to Sakai.

 Taking A URI On-Line Course

URI On-Line courses are taught completely online with minimal or no face-to-face meetings. Registration is accomplished online through eCampus.

Be sure to contact your instructor before the semester begins to obtain any information you may need about your class and to find out if your instructor is using Sakai; some instructors might use systems other than Sakai. The instructor will also notify you when you can access course materials, so make sure your email address in e-Campus is accurate.

URI On-Line for a complete list of online courses and instructor contact information
Register to register for URI On-Line courses via e-Campus

Select the How to Login and Getting Started links in the left index above for help logging in and learning to navigate Sakai.