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Division of Student Affairs

Assessment in Student Affairs



URI's Division of Student Affairs is committed to ongoing assessment of student needs and the outcomes of our work with students.

We engage in two primary assessment initiatives:

Assessment of Student Learning. What do students know? How do they know it? We recognize that in their experiences with the Division of Student Affairs, students learn a broad range of useful knowledge, attitudes and skills. Each department engages in ongoing assessment of what students are learning as a result of the services and programs offered by the department.

Student Quality of Life and Satisfaction Research Project (SQOLAS). How are students doing at URI? For many years we have been committed to finding out about the quality of students' lives at URI, students' satisfaction with the University, and the experiences that contribute to these results. Periodic assessments regarding these issues are undertaken by a number of departments within the Division.

We see Learning Assessment and SQOLAS initiatives as complementing each other, each being essential to the success of our students at URI, and to optimal functioning of the Division.

The projects are overseen by Vice President for Student Affairs Thomas Dougan, PhD, and by the members of the Student Affairs Assessment Committee.

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