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Division of Student Affairs

Assessment of Student Learning



In each department of the Division of Student Affairs, we seek to document what students have learned so that:

  • Students can better articulate what they have learned.
  • Staff can better help students expand their knowledge.
  • We can document our impact on student learning.

As implied by these goals, each department assesses what students are learning in the department, and then uses that information to better facilitate student learning within the department.

The Assessment of Student Learning project is overseen by Vice President for Student Affairs Thomas Dougan, PhD, and by the members of the Student Affairs Assessment Committee. The Assessment Committee is charged with helping each Student Affairs department articulate their goals for what students can learn in their interactions with the department, and assess how well the students are learning these things.

A vital link between the Assessment Committee and the departments is the Assessment Liaison Committee, which includes one to three representatives for each department. The Assessment Liaisons help departments translate the concepts of learning assessment into meaningful, productive efforts that tie directly to the functions of that department.

A number of documents and tools have been created for use by the departments in their learning assessment efforts. These are available on this website, through the Resources for Assessment of Student Learning link.

For more information on the URI Student Affairs Assessment of Student Learning project, you can contact a member of the Student Affairs Assessment Committee, or email

The Division's learning assessment work ties in closely with other University assessment efforts through the University's Office of Student Learning and Outcomes Assessment. That office maintains a website,, with links to numerous other assessment resources, both at URI and in the larger higher education community.

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