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Division of Student Affairs

SQOLAS: Student Quality of Life and Satisfaction Research Project



Hello and welcome to the SQOLAS (Student Quality of Life and Satisfaction) Reasearch Project website. The SQOLAS Project operates under the Division of Student Affairs.

The primary goal of the SQOLAS Project is to conduct research related to student quality of life and satisfaction. Since 1996, when the project was initiated, many of the dynamic issues, concerns, and importance areas related to students, administrators, faculty, and staff have been investigated. Originated by URI's Vice President for Student Affairs Thomas Dougan, PhD, along with James Campbell, Bettina Hoeppner and William Disch, the Project is currently overseen by Vice President Dougan and the Student Affairs Assessment Committee.

This site was developed in order to facilitate dissemination of the SQOLAS Project findings. Click on Research Reports and follow the links to the desired documents. For further information, contact a member of the Student Affairs Assessment Committee or email