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Narragansett Coalition

Narragansett-URI Coalition

Coalition Accomplishments 1999-2004

GOAL 1 - Reduce events that result in noise complaints and police response

Narragansett Police report a 39% decline in complaints from September-December 1999 to September-December 2000 Improved communication results in pro-active policing and a quicker response to changes in party patterns (e.g., mobility for smaller, serial parties).
Narragansett Police e-mail realtors information about party complaints to facilitate quick response Realtors, owners and URI representative meet with problem renters
University administrators meet with students involved in more serious violations Narragansett Police call property owners to notify them of tenants with disturbing parties
University establishes Hotline to report problems University gives Narragansett Police list of property owners renting through Commuter Housing Office
Model lease created and distributed to independent landlords through Commuter Housing Office Commuter Housing Office encourages out-of-state landlords to file form designating in-state representative
Narragansett Police create "party house list" with escalated penalties for problem dwellings Relevant town ordinances are required to be posted in rental homes
Maps are used at meetings to illustrate problem houses where police visits occurred Narragansett Police certify 10 officers to present evidence in court measuring noise levels
Homecoming incidents off-campus decreased from 19 complaints, 7 arrests in 2002 to 9 complaints, 4 arrests in 2003 Narragansett Police initiate bike patrols

GOAL 2 - Reduce drinking and driving and address other safety issues that impact students and residents

Undercover checks for underage sales in area package stores Bar checks
Arrests for underage transportation of alcohol Fake ID arrests
Members of Coalition wrote grant for $400,000 from USDOJ for enforcement of DUI laws Realtors and Commuter Housing Office advise students about property protection during semester break

GOAL 3 - Improve communication within the Coalition and between the Coalition, students, and residents

University creates and prints Living Down the Line Guide; Coalition members help distribute Door tags printed by University distributed by Coalition members twice a year
Eastward Look Association hosts September brunch Realtors and URI compile e-mail addresses for off-campus students
Spring clean-up in '01 and '02 University establishes Hotline to report problems
Guide for Off-campus Living is updated and printed yearly by the University and distributed by realtors, Commuter Housing, Neighborhood Associations, Town Clerk's office Narragansett Police produce brochure describing their programs
Coalition web site is updated with this year's meeting times Commuter Housing Office gives property the Narragansett code, the model lease, the Out-of-State Landlord form, the Landlord Registration form and puts these documents on the Web page
Notice of Coalition meetings appear on the Town calendar and in the campus newspaper; meeting attendance increases The Hotline number is published in local newspapers and on the Web
9/03 commuter welcome at Charlie O's has increased student attendance (50) Eastward Look Association newsletter is distributed
Coalition Listserv is created Town contacts out-of-state owners of rental properties about compliance with registration and in-state property mangers

GOAL 4 - Advocate for appropriate state laws, policies, and ordinances and work with other RI groups to find solutions to common concerns

Keg legislation passed Amendments pass allowing implementation of keg law
Bill passes enabling prohibition of pub crawls Noise ordinances passed in town of Narragansett
Bill passes increasing penalties for minors in possession; includes mandatory loss of license for 60 days  

GOAL 5 - Reduce underage access to alcohol

University puts date of birth on student ID cards Narragansett Police step-up bar checks
Local bars increase efforts to effectively monitor age University sends letters to students and to parents of students arrested for false ID or underage possession
Narragansett Police report "Cops in Shops" reduces underage access to alcohol Narragansett Police meet regularly with tavern and package store owners
New RI drivers licenses are more difficult to falsify  

GOAL 6 - Create more late night opportunities, activities, and facilities for students

Transportation grant provides late buses to Providence University supports First Night, Ram Tours, and other alcohol-free activities
Spring "Keg Olympics" party off campus is replaced by an on-campus event for student athletes called "Rhody Relays" "Twelfth Night" activities on campus begin Fall '04
Compiled a list of student volunteer activity in Narragansett Spring clean-up in Spring '01 and Spring '02
Spring '04 Neighborhood Clean-up has a record 150 students participate  

Additional Views

Enhance quality of life for residents and students
  • A realtor installs trash corrals on rental properties for improved containment
  • Increase efficacy of Coalition
  • After reviewing the organization of town-gown coalitions nationally, Coalition structure is strengthened by creation of a Steering Committee and subcommittees
Increase support for Coalition goals

"Common Ground" project supported by two federal grants:

  • $3.5 million awarded by NIAAA "Environmental Methods for Reducing College Drinking" Mark Wood PI
  • $819,000 awarded by NIAAA "Environmental Methods with Town and Greek Coalitions" Fran Cohen PI