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Narragansett Coalition

Narragansett-URI Coalition

Narragansett-URI Coalition Operating Guidelines

Article 1 - Name

Narragansett - URI Coalition

Article 2 - Vision:

There will a cooperative relationship of mutual respect and trust between the communities of the Town of Narragansett and the University of Rhode Island.

Article 3 - Mission:

The Narragansett - URI Coalition is committed to jointly working together to address problems and concerns by developing strategies and activities that foster amicable coexistence.

Article 4 - Purpose:

The Narragansett-URI Coalition provides a forum for dialogue among all stakeholders for the identification, planning, development, and implementation of initiatives which support the vision and mission focusing on the following key areas:

  1. Improve the quality of life in all neighborhoods for permanent residents and URI student renters
  2. Reduce underage drinking and harmful consequences of substance abuse
  3. Increase the awareness, community involvement and support of the Coalition’s work

Article 5 - Membership:

The Coalition is a group of individuals representing the Town of Narragansett, the University of Rhode Island, residents, homeowners, and businesses in the town of Narragansett.

  1. Roster: The Coalition consists of representatives from the following affiliations

  2. Affiliation Representatives Voting Status
    Narragansett Town Manager 1 1
    Narragansett Community Housing Inspector 1 0
    Narragansett Town Council 2 1
    Narragansett Police Department 1 0
    Narragansett Neighborhood Associations 4 4
    URI Division of Student Affairs 3 2
    URI Student Senate 2 2
    URI Greek Life 2 2
    Business 1 1
    Realtors 1 1
    Totals 18 14

    The Narragansett Neighborhood Associations will have four voting representatives serving on the Coalition. The Neighborhood Association representatives so chosen will notify the Coalition Co-Chairs of their appointment prior to the Coalition’s first meeting of the academic year.

  3. Tenure of Service: Coalition members may serve without limit. It is the responsibility of the representative's affiliation to replace its Coalition representative.
  4. Alternate MembersCoalition members are encouraged to have an alternate to attend meetings in their absence. Alternates will hold the voting status of the position represented.

Article 6 - Leadership

At its Annual Organizational Meeting, the Coalition will elect two (2) Co-Chairs (one from the Town and one from the University) and a Secretary. They may meet, as necessary, between meetings for planning purposes.

Article 7 - Structure

To implement the targeted aims of the Coalition, ad hoc committees will be es-tablished as necessary.

Article 8 - Meetings

  1. Schedule: The Coalition will meet three (3) times each academic semester and at such other times as may be necessary. One (1) of the meetings during each academic semester will be an open forum meeting. The location of the open forum meetings will alternate between the University of Rhode Island and the Town of Narragansett.
  2. Format: Regularly scheduled meetings will last ninety minutes. Agenda items will include items continued from the previous meeting and items submitted to the Co-Chair prior to the meeting. The agenda will be distributed to the Coalition members by the Co-Chair at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.
  3. Quorum: A majority of the current voting members will constitute a quorum.
  4. Facilitation: The meetings will be convened and moderated by one of the Coalition Co-Chairs. Minutes of the meetings will be taken and distributed by the Coalition Secretary within two weeks following the meeting. Minutes will be posted on the Narragansett-URI Coalition web site.
  5. Annual Organizational Meeting: In addition to the six meetings during the academic year, an annual planning meeting will be scheduled for May. At this meeting the Coalition will:
    1. Establish the identity of the representatives on the membership roster for the next academic year,
    2. Elect from its membership the following: two (2) Co-Chairs and a Secretary,
    3. Review the past year and establish goals and plans for the next year
    4. Conduct other business as necessary.

    A quorum will be necessary to conduct this meeting.

Article 9 - Communications

No statement will be made on behalf of the Coalition without explicit approval of both Co-Chairs. The Secretary will prepare and distribute press releases at the re-quest of both Co-Chairs.

Article 10 - Adoption of Revisions

All revisions to the Coalition's Guidelines and Procedures will require approval by a two-thirds vote of the Coalition's representatives with voting status present at a meeting having a quorum. Approved revisions will take effect immediately after adjournment of the meeting.

Adopted by the Narragansett-URI Coalition: April 22, 2010.
These Guidelines & Procedures replace those adopted on August 2, 2005.