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Narragansett Coalition

Narragansett-URI Coalition

Coalition Membership

Name Affiliation
Kelso, Deborah Chamber of Commerce
Stuart, Carol Eastward Look
Desforges, Eileen Point Judith
McCarthy, Gerald Scarborough
Bush, Sue The Pier
Shields, Bob The Pier
Driscoll, Gerald Captain
Little, Joseph Chief
Silveira, John Community Policing Officer
Storme, Robert Community Policing Officer
Corrigan, Sean Lieutenant, evening shift
Robenhymer, Joe Ann O'Brien Realty
Robenhymer, Matthew Ann O'Brien Realty
Briar, Robert Community Housing Inspector
Miller, Grady Town Manager
Cicilline-Buonanno, Susan Councilwoman
Fleet, Alisa Trainor Councilwoman
Graney, Dan Alcohol/substance Abuse - Dir.
Pina, Jason Dean of Students & Asst. VP
Dorsey, Katrina Off Campus Living - Coordinator
Dougan, Dr. Tom Student Affairs - Vice President
Williams, Leslie Student Life - Asst. Director
  Interfraternity Council
  Panhellenic Council
Stewart, Robert Student Senate - External Affairs
Coates, David Student Senate - President

Notes: Voting status is defined by the Coalition's Guidelines & Procedures adopted April 22, 2010.

Business representation is currently inactive because they have not attended meetings for several years. The number of currently active representatives with voting privileges is 13.  A quorum is 7.

Membership Representation

  • Narragansett Town Administration (1)
  • Narragansett Town Council (1)
  • Narragansett Police Department (10)
  • Neighborhood Associations (3)
  • Taverns (1)
  • Package Stores (1)
  • Realtors (1)
  • Homeowner/Neighbor (1)
  • URI-Division of Student Affairs (1)
  • URI Student Body/Senate (1)
  • URI Student Body/Off-campus Housing (1)
  • URI Student Body/Greeks (1)
  • Judicial (1)

Tenure of Service

Steering Committee members will serve for open terms. Prior to the start of the new academic year, members will be asked to indicate their commitment to continue to serve on the Steering Committee. Outgoing members are encouraged to find their replacement to serve on the Steering Committee.

Alternate members

Coalition members are encouraged to have an alternate to attend meetings in their absence. Alternates will hold the voting status of the position represented.

Meeting Attendance

Attendance at meetings is very important for the Coalition process to move smoothly and efficiently. A Coalition member who misses 3 consecutive meetings will be contacted to determine interest and commitment to serving on the Coalition.


A quorum will constitute the majority of the current membership.

Meeting Format

Regularly scheduled meetings will last one hour. Longer meetings may be held on the approval of the members.

Meeting Schedule

There may be more or less than 6 meetings throughout the academic year with dates and times to be determined and agreed upon.

Code of Ethics

To encourage full participation and to ensure the integrity of the Coalition, Steering Committee members will demonstrate the highest level of professionalism.