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Narragansett Coalition

Narragansett-URI Coalition

Cooperating Tavern Program

University of Rhode Island and Narragansett town officials recently announced that all package store owners and many of the bar and night clubs in Narragansett have signed cooperative agreements with URI's Common Ground initiative to promote responsible alcohol beverage services. The Narragansett-URI Coalition actively supports the efforts of Common Ground and strongly endorsees this recent initiative.

On October 12, 2005 several local tavern and package store owners participated in a formal signing ceremony at the Towers. They received a certificate of appreciation from the University and signed a town-wide Cooperating Agreement, representing all licensed liquor retail establishments in Narragansett, committing themselves to Responsible Beverage Service practices. At the November 15 Coalition meeting three more establishments signed on. In addition, South Kingstown tavern and liquors stores have joined the program. On March 21, 2006, a similar signing ceremony was held at the Neighborhood Guild in Peace Dale.

The Coalition will include in its monthly meeting agenda the opportunity for all remaining establishments to publicly sign the town-wide Cooperating Agreement and will publicize this event on their web site and in the "Coalition Corner" in the local newspapers.

URI's Common Ground Cooperating Tavern Program calls on bar and tavern owners to train and work with their employees to follow responsible beverage service practices, including identification checks, confiscation of fake IDs, and refusing sales to patrons who are intoxicated. The Cooperating Package Store Program focuses on preventing illegal sales to customers under age21 as well as adult purchases of alcohol for minors.

"All of the owners participating in the program will be posting a sign in their storefront showing that their establishment is a member in good standing," said Fran Cohen, URI Dean of Students and director of Common Ground. "The signs which state Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Practiced Here, will remind the public, including URI students, that town and University officials are united in our resolve to prevent alcohol problems in our community," Cohen explained.

"This effort clearly shows that our alcohol retailers genuinely care about the health and well being of the people who live in and visit our town," said Narragansett Police Chief J. David Smith. "With the Rhode Map partnership certificate, the message to the public is clear: We are concerned about public safety, and our state's alcohol laws will be obeyed."

The Coalition commends our local businesses and encourages patronization of these establishments and thanks them for their participation in this community-wide effort.