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   Welcome club members, here you'll find lots of information about upcoming events and any club announcements.  If you're interested in furthering your dancing and / or competing, check out our Team Page.   If you still have questions after reading this page, visit our page of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you still can't find an answer feel free to e-mail us.
    The URI Ballroom Dancing Club offers several classes every week in a variety of dances. People of all ages - students, faculty, and the outside community are welcome and you don't need a partner to join.  We will usually teach two dances in each class, one Latin and one Standard, and we rotate partners so everyone gets a chance to dance. Check the class schedule for full details.
   Classes will usually be held in either the Ballroom or Atrium 1 in the Memorial Union   although we will sometimes get moved to another location at the last minute.  We'll always try to e-mail you with advanced notice of room changes but if we're not in Atrium 1 or the Ballroom ask at the Info Desk in the Memorial Union.  To join a class, simply come to whichever class you'd like to take, there's no pre-registration required.  If you can't make it the first week for any reason you are more than welcome to join us the following week. You'll be able to catch up with no problem since we'll be doing a lot of review to get people started.  Each class is $5 for students (any school) and faculty and $10 for community members. The fee covers you for all six weeks of class.  For example, if a student decides to take Beginner Swing & Waltz, they would pay $5 which covers them for six weeks.  If the student takes two Beginner classes, then it's $10 which will cover the student for both classes for six weeks.
    We will also have information and e-mail sign-up booths in the entrance of the Memorial Union several days before classes start.  Check the home page for dates and times and stop by if you'd like to find out more.  The club also sponsors two dances each semester held in the URI Ballroom. The club is a great way to meet people and have fun while learning how to dance!

Club Announcements and Reminders:

Classes begin on March 25th and run every Wednesday until the end of the semester.  Also, if you are unable to attend in the first week, you're more than welcome to join us the second week or later.  You may also miss any other week and still be able to continue, we do review every week!

View the class schedule for full details.
Still have questions?

Check our page of Frequently Asked Questions for answers!

Looking for a place to go dancing on the weekends?

We keep an up-to-date listing of all the ballroom dance parties, workshops, and shows happening in the local area on our Upcoming Dances page.  If you need a ride or want more information, please e-mail us.

Want more information on a dance?

There are a total of 9 dances in the American style and 10 in the International style.  We also teach several other dances such as Hustle and Merengue.  Visit our more extensive Dance Information Page to find out more about each dance and to listen to a sample. All the steps that we teach in the beginner classes are taken from the Bronze American syllabus or Bronze International syllabus. Check the syllabi for a listing of all the beginner steps for each dance.

Forgot what steps we taught in class?

We keep a listing of the Steps we Covered in Class so you can go back and review what we taught. Great for when you forget the name of certain step!

Upcoming Club Events:

Also check the full list of upcoming events

      Sorry, there are no upcoming events at this time.
    More events to follow as they become available.

    Club and Team Officers

    President: Ryan Vigneau
    Vice-President: Open
    Treasurer: Rachel Nunes
    Secretary: Monica Tynan
    Public Relations: Myrthe Duijsens
    Team Captain: Open
    Website: Open
    Board Members: Timothy Sorrentino, Elizabeth-Ann Viscione, Dana Wood