Officers and Officer Information

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Sara Carnevale - President

Kristen Saunders - Vice-President

Michelle Hurley - Treasurer

Jennifer Windrum - Secretary

Melissa Hooks - Undergraduate Rep.

Julie Hundley - Graduate Rep.

Maureen Smith - Social Chair

Suzanne Schuruman - Fundraising Chair

Lindsay Ziobro - Technical Director


URISSLHA Officer Position Descriptions:

President: Serves as the driving force for the association. Connects the student body to the faculty, university, state and national association through representation. Attends the meeting of the Executive Board at the program and state level. Attends events and solicits membership through education and representation. The president shall preside over all meetings and shall oversee all other members of the Executive Board. The president shall conduct executive meetings and facilitates decision-making.

Vice-President: Supports the effort and job responsibilities of the president. Acts as a spokesperson for the association. In the event that the president can no longer fulfill job responsibilities, the vice-president shall assume the position of presidency until an election can be held.

Secretary: Acts as historian for the day-to-day and long-range activities of the organization. Writes minutes from the meetings, word-processes documents as needed, maintains written records of events. The secretary is also responsible for keeping an updated list of all chapter members and providing the technical director with updated information.

Treasurer: Manages funds under the supervision of the Faculty Advisor. Maintains accounting funds to date and fund-raising events throughout the year. Documents monies for the association activities and events. The treasurer is responsible for documentation of deposits and withdrawals from banking accounts. He/She will collect and transport monies as a necessary fro the organization. The treasurer is also responsible for making regular and annual reports on the financial status of the association.

Fundraising Specialist:
Organizes and implements fund-raising activities for the organization. Leads a committee to develop ideas and outlining goals for events.

Technical Director: Creates and manages list-serv for organization to streamline communication using available technology. Is responsible for management of our website.

Social Committee Chairperson
: Organizes and takes charge of all social events for the organization. Leads a committee to develop ideas and run the events. The social committee chair is also responsible for creating meeting fliers.

Graduate Student Representative:
Represents the graduate student body and identifies needs and protocols for activities designed for or implemented by graduate students. Assists in the development of a Graduate Students as Advisors (GSAA) program.

Undergraduate Student Representative:
Represents undergraduate student body and identifies needs and protocols for activities designed for or implemented by undergraduate students. Assists in the development of Undergraduate Study Groups.

**Officers may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms in any one office.**