What will I study at the University of Rhode Island?


*†††† Every undergraduate must complete 40 credits of general education requirements (see http://www.uri.edu/hss/genreq.html for the University requirements of Undergraduates in The College of Human Sciences and Services)

*†††† Students in the Communicative Disorders Program most complete 34 mandatory credits and 9 credits of professional electives (there are four groups to choose from and one must take one class from three different areas) http://www.uri.edu/hss/cmd/cmdbos.html.

*†††† In order to earn the mandatory 120 credits for graduation there are 37 free elective credits remaining, which allows students to earn a minor in another field of study. Most minors require 18 credits (9 classes).


*†††† The University of Rhode Island offers a Masterís Program in Speech language pathology or Audiology, which requires 54 credits. Visit http://www.uri.edu/hss/cmd/cmdms.html for a detailed explanation of the program and its requirements.

*†††† The University of Rhode Island also offers and Accelerate Bachelorís-Masterís Degree Program in Speech-Language pathology or Audiology for sixth-semester students in the Communicative Disorders Program with 25 free elective credits remaining. For more information visit http://www.uri.edu/hss/cmd/cmdbsms.html.

 For more information on the program and people to contact, please visit the main page of the Communicative Disorders Department at the University of Rhode Island @ http://www.uri.edu/hss/cmd/index.html.