What is URISSLHA?                                                            

URISSLHA stands for University of Rhode Island Student Speech Language Hearing Association.

URISSLHA is a member of NSSLHA, the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association.

NSSLHA is the national organization for undergraduate and graduate students in the field of communicative disorders.

NSSLHA is the only official national student organization that is recognized by the professional organization ASHA, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.


How do I join URISSHLA and NSSLHA?

To become a member of URISSHLA students of the University of Rhode Island who study or are interested in studying communicative disorders simply sign-up at the beginning of the semester at the monthly URISSHLA meeting. A $5 contribution to the organization is also customary.

To become a member of NSSHLA a student must complete a membership application and pay the annual fee of $45 dollars. If you are a student of the University of Rhode Island or plan to be, the University Code to be filled out in the application is RA3919.

It is not necessary to be a member of NSSHLA in order to be a member of URISSHLA.


What are the benefits of joining URISSHLA and NSSLHA?

Becoming a member of URISSHLA will enable you to meet other students interested in the field of communicative disorders. It will also give you the opportunity to talk with the professors and get their advice. URISSHLA has organized study groups, monthly meetings that address areas of the field and allows students to learn about the process of applying to graduate school.

As a member of NSSLHA you will receive many benefits. You will receive

*      The ASHA Leader

*      Three issues of the newsletter, News & Notes,

*      Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders, an annual publication

*      A choice of one ASHA journal with discounts on additional subscriptions.

*      Reduced fees for the Annual ASHA Convention

*     In addition, you may

*      Qualify for the NSSLHA-to-ASHA Conversion Program allowing you to save significant amounts of money on fees and dues during your first year as a certified member of ASHA

*      Begin establishing your credit with no annual fee for your first year with a NSSLHA credit card

*      Much, much more


How do I obtain a membership application to NSSLHA?

To obtain a membership application, ask for a copy at a URISSLHA meeting or visit the NSSLHA web site @ http://www.nsslha.org.