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Finance Committee

Instructions for Budget Applications For Academic Year 2012-2013

Budget applications are now available under the "Tests & Quizzes" tab.  Only one application need be filled out by each group (not each signatory).


Complete the Budget Request e-form by 10FEB12.

1.     Prepare a budget for the 2012-2013 academic year with a detailed explanation, in Word or Excel format.  An example is attached to this announcement on Sakai.
2.     Complete the Budget Request e-form by 10FEB12, attaching the aforementioned documents.
3.     You will receive notification on 15FEB12 of your First Recommendation via your Senate Office mailbox.  You are required to return the attached "Happy/Not Happy" form accepting or challenging the 1st Rec.
4.     If you choose to challenge the 1st Rec, appeals will be heard on the 20th and 27th of February.  Your 2nd Recommendation will be given to you no later than 28FEB12 with a "Happy/Not Happy" form.
Appeals will not be heard by
the committee after 27FEB12.
5.     The Budget Bill will be put on the floor on 29FEB12.
6.     The President and/or Treasurer of all Category M & S shall attend the Senate Meeting on 07MAR12.  You will be asked if you accept or want to appeal the recommendation.  Failure to attend will result in loss of budget.

If you need to join the Senate Sakai project page, ask Senate Administrator Kim Bolton for a Finance Chair business card.  Instructions are on the reverse.





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