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2010 Retreat

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We're here to help and we love to hear from you!

Call us at (401) 874-2261, email us at or stop by our office in the Memorial Union, room 201.

Executive Members
Matthew Kilduff, President

Christopher Cicero, Vice President

Brian Sit, Finance Chair

Kyle Weinreich, SOARC Chair

Jacob Lanoie, External Affairs Chair

Jenna Solomon, Cultural Affairs Chair

Amanda Rode, Campus Affairs Chair

Ethan Zawatsky, Academic Affairs Chair

Sydney Kempler, Director of Communications

Paul Knott, Director of Marketing and Recruitment

Ansley Stuart, Secretary

Pitu Sim,Treasurer

Kyle St. Jean, Chief Operations Officer

Kim Bolton, Coordinator, 874-2261

Cheryl Campbell, Student Senate Accounts, Room 211, 874-5237

Other Important Resources in the Memorial Union are here to help as well:

Bruce Hamilton, Director of Memorial Union, Student Involvement and
the Center for Student Leadership
Room 210, 874-2726

Maureen McDermott, Assistant Director of Student Involvement
Room 210, 874-2726

Michael Nolfe, Coordinator, Student Involvement
Room 210, 874-5240

Sheri Davis, Facility Coordinator
Room 217, 874-2214

Brad Irish, Assistant Director, Memorial Union Operations
Room 210, 874-5283

Joe Berardi, Building Services Coordinator
Room 215, 874-5290

SEA - Student Event Advising Office
Room 206, 874-5280

Melissa Boyd, Assistant Director, Center for Student Leadership
Room 210, 874-5282

Robert Vincent, Coordinator, Center for Student Leadership
Room 210, 874-9013

Melissa Camba, Program Coordinator, Center for Student Leadership
Room 210, 874-2561


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