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Finance Committee

Doing Business with the Student Senate

The University of Rhode Island Student Senate, Incorporated is a registered 501(c)3 tax exempt and not-for-profit organization in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.  We recognize over 90 student organizations, which function corporately as divisions, with a high amount of independence and autonomy.

How our Recognized Organizations will interact with you:

Generally: Only Presidents and Treasurers of Recognized Organizations are authorized to conduct purchasing for their Organization; you should only work with them for purchasing.  You may verify their identity as an authorized purchaser by calling 401-874-2261.  You may request verification of tax exempt status from them.

Purchasing of Goods: Organizations utilize the URI Memorial Union purchasing office, which generates a Purchase Order upon approval of the Requisition.  This serves as a guarantee of availability of funds and guarantee of payment upon acceptance of the goods.  It is recommended that you do not accept orders without seeing or being given a copy of the green Purchase Order Receipt.  You may accept an order for which has been requisitioned but the Purchase Order has not been processed at your own risk.  The President and Treasurer are also responsible for issuing payment upon acceptance of goods, via the Payment Order.  Contact them if you have not received payment in a timely fashion.  If you have not received payment within 5 business days of the date on the Payment Order Receipt, contact the finance chair, at 401-874-2261

Contracting Services:  Organizations are recommended to use our standard contract, outside contracts and riders are accepted upon review.  Be sure to receive verification that the contract has been approved.  Payment may either be given directly upon rendering of services or a check will be mailed.

Preferred vendors are those which accept purchase orders and acknowledge our tax-exempt status.  There are no procedures for becoming a preferred vendor.  Preferred vendor status does not change the process for either our organizations or vendors.

Senate Finance Committee
URI Student Senate, Inc.
50 Lower College Rd
Kingston, RI 02881