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Finance Committee


Finance Committee Meetings:


Make sure to Sign Up in the Senate office by Noon!

Chairperson: Brian Sit
Phone: 401-874-2261
Fax: 401-874-4427

IMPORTANT NOTE: Timeliness is Important. Paperwork handed in after deadlines will NOT be considered.

The Finance committee manages the Student Activities Tax and proposes all legislation of a financial nature, including annual budgets for recognized student organizations and requests for use of the activities tax. 

The Finance committee controls the financial accounts and accounting procedures of all student organizations and may temporarily freeze accounts that are in violation of finance policy. The Finance committee maintains inventory records of items purchased with Activities Tax funds and oversees all contracts entered into by student organizations in conjunction with the Director of the Memorial Union.

The Finance Chair serves as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of the student body. The Chair is responsible for the investment and management of the activities tax and holds joint signatory power over the funds with the President. The Chair oversees the annual budget process and works with student organizations on financial matters. The Chair is also responsible for creating, maintaining, and interpreting the Finance Handbook, which is the official financial policy for the Senate and its recognized groups.


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Instructions for Opening Budgets
-To take the Finance101 Quiz:
--Log in to Sakai
--Click My Workspace tab
--Click Membership menu
--Click "joinable sites" link
-- Search for "Student Senate"
--Click "join" link under Student Senate page listing
--Click "Test & Quizzes"
--Click "Finance Quiz 2013-2014"

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