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Election Process

If you are forming a new student organization, you must elect a President and Treasurer according to the following rules PRIOR to attending a SOARC Committee meeting.

Article VIII. Elections

Section A.  All elections for officers and for committee chairpersons shall be decided by majority vote of the full membership and shall be conducted by secret ballot. Write-in votes shall be permitted on the ballot and shall be deemed valid if the intent to vote for a specific candidate for a specific position is clear.

Section B.  Any member may nominate any eligible member for any office or elected position. In the case of regular elections, nominations shall be opened at the last regular meeting before the annual meeting and shall be closed at the annual meeting. In the case of an election to fill a vacancy, nominations shall be opened at the first regular membership meeting after the vacancy occurs and shall be closed at the next regular membership meeting thereafter.

Section C.  Immediately upon the close of nominations, an election shall be held. If any election has only one candidate, that person must still face election by ballot, and shall be liable to defeat by write-in votes. If no candidate receives a majority on the first ballot there shall be no election and the ballot shall be repeated as many times as is necessary until a candidate is elected by majority. Each ballot after the first shall include the name of all nominees who do not themselves withdraw.

Section D.  The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order
 shall govern the organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are consistent with this constitution and any special rules of order the organization may adopt.

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